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Welcome to the Best UK Scoubidou Guide!

Welcome to the ultimate Scoubidou Guide. We'll show you how to make a scoubidou project from basic knotting techniques to more advanced stitches, and how to create animals or accessories. Hope you enjoy browsing!

Scoubidous are often known by other names such as scooby strings, scoobies and scooby laces, but whatever you want to call them, if you are looking for instructions on how to make scooby strings and knots, then you have come to the right place.

scoubidou mouse    scoubidou alphabet keyring    scoubidou alphabet keyring    scoubidouby Heart    scoubidou spider

We'll show you how to start stitches, how to finish them properly with a completion knot, and the stuff in between!

If you are a beginner but know a little about what scoubidous are, why not try our basic knots section. If this is too easy, check out out advanced projects or try creating some animals or accessories.

We want to see your creations as well, so send us your pictures and we'll put them in our gallery, and why not enter our competition to see who can make the longest scoubidou!

Scoubidous are available in a variety of brightly coloured hollow strands for you to create anything your imagination allows! Let the creativity flow and with the right techniques you will soon be able to make bracelets, keyrings, animal figures, hairclips, and just about anything else!

The possibilities are endless so get your scoubi strings ready and click on the scoubidou instructions on this website to begin.

You will be able to get lots if ideas on how to make Scoubidou designs and will soon be finding scoubidou knots irresistable!Whether you make them with friends, want to pass time or play with them inside or out, scooby strings will keep you amused for hours.

Scoubidou strands also claim to stimulate the imagination and creativity of a child, having a positive effect on a child's cooordination skills. So not only are Scooby dous fun but they are good for you too!

What are you waiting for, start knotting now!

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