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Scoubidou Accessories

With scoubidou strings the possibilities are endless! From combining basic and advanced knots you can make anything your imagination will allow.

Scoubi strings are great for making fashionable bracelets, and the best thing is that you can make your design totally unique and noone will have the same bracelet as you! We have made one and everyone always comments on how good it looks so go ahead and make your own - you'll be the envy of all your friends!

Scoubidou Alphabet Keyrings

scoubidou letter C scooby letter S scoubi doo letter U scoubidou letter Z scoubidou letter J scoubidou letter V

Check out these keyrings with letters on, you should make one that stands for your initial! Not only can they look great on keyrings but could be worn on a necklace or bracelet. You can use any stitch you like, but remember to insert some strong, thin wire through the middle so you can bend the scoubi dou into any letter you like.

No other scoubi website has alphabet letters on so be the first to try out this new idea! Remember, if you make any design up that does not feature on our website to send it in to us!

Other Scoubidou Keyrings

scoubidou quad keyring scoubidou corkscrew keyring scoubidou tornado keyring

Here are some examples of other keyrings we have made, but you can design any keyring your imagination allows you to. Why not try some of our projects and then make up some scoubidou keyrings of your own!

Scoubidou Shapes

Scoubidou knots are also great for designing shapes. Below is a heart we have made and we think it looks great so give it a try!

Any of the designs featured on this page can also be used as zipper pulls and necklaces so whatever design you decide to make, remember it can have many different uses!

Scoubidou Heart
Thanks for visiting our Scoubiguide Accessories page where you have seen the ideas we have come up with and can try making the projects yourself. We would also love you to add your ideas to our site in the gallery.

If you have designed your own scoubi knot that is not shown on our site then we would also love to hear from you. Let us know how you made it with a detailed explanation and photograph and we'll name the knot after you and show it on our site. Not only will you become famous but you will be able to share your design with all the other visitors on our site! Send the photo and explanation to
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