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Scoubidou Competition

Welcome to the competition page! We have set up a record board and would like to know who can build the longest scoubidou?

Please note: the competition is now closed.

Meausure Your Scoubidou!Place your scoubidou next to a tape measure and take a photograph, as shown in the example on the right. Copy the photo from your camera to your computer and then with the picture as an attachment (if you don't know how to do this, get an adult to help you).

We will show the longest scoubidou photos on the record board along with your name. The winners so far are Antonio Scopelliti and Luigi Zambeletti with a length of 6.40m, can you beat this? Give it a go!

Good Luck!

                Record Board!                 
Name Age Length of scoubidou Photograph

Antonio Scopelliti and Luigi Zambeletti

14 6.40m Longest Scoubidou
Stephanie Sawyer 13 5.36m 2nd Longest Scoubidou
Jamie Doran 11 2.70m 3rd Longest Scoubidou
Christopher Mollart 11 2.30m 4th Longest Scoubidou
Arpit Jain 10 25.5cm 5th Longest Scoubidou
Kevin Bouquet 13 23cm 6th Longest Scoubidou
Amy Young 16 21cm Joint 7th Longest Scoubidou
Jenna Sutherland 13 21cm Joint 7th Longest Scoubidou
Vibro112 10 18cm 8th Longest Scoubidou
Matthew Green 10 16cm 9th Longest Scoubidou
Daniel Lee 12 9.5cm 10th Longest Scoubidou
Tim Hare 16 9cm 11th Longest Scoubidou
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