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How to Make a Scoubidou Mouse

You will need:

  • Three Scoubidou strands (two of a grey shade and one pink one)
  • One piece of iron wire (about 14cm)
  • One piece of iron wire (about 7cm)
  • Two stick-on eyes
  • Take a pink Scooby and cut it to about 14cm in length. Now take the 14cm piece of wire and insert into the centre of the pink Scooby String. Starting without a loop tie four round knots (Circle Stitch) with your grey strands around the pink scoubidou. Leave at least 1.5cm of the pink strand extended to make the mouse nose.

    Now take a new piece of pink Scoubidou roughly 7cm in length, and again insert the 7cm piece of wire inside. Now shape the ears as shown in the photograph.

    Add the ears to the first Stitches you made as shown and tie a knot carefully over the ears to attach them.

    Now continue knotting using Circle Stitch for another 4cm.

    When you have done this, turn your nearly made Mouse around and knot over the existing knots as shown in the picture. Do this until you are almost level with the ears.

    To create the pink round nose, bend the pink string closest to the ears. If the strand is too long, cut it down before hand. Use the pink strand at the back to make the Mouses tail; bend it into whatever shape you like. Use stick-on eyes to complete your Mouse. The end result should look something like the image below!

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