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How to Make a Scoubidou Snake

You Will Need:

  • 4 scoubidou stings (preferably green) + a short yellow string (15cm)
  • Flexible wire
  • 2 eyes
  • Short red/pink string (10cm)

  • 1. You start by making a knot without a loop in the four strands. Then start to make the first round knot but before pulling tight, put the wire in between the middle of the knot and knot around the wire with the round knot. Make plenty of knots (approx 15cm long).

    2. Now add another piece of scoubidou strands, so now you are going to knot with 6 ends. Do one 6 strand round knot with the strands. Now cut the wire short at about 0.5cm. Then place the red/pink strand around the piece of wire. Cut the red/pink strand in half at the end (approx 3cm in), so that a split/forked tongue appears.

    3. Now knot another ten knots and cut the outside 2 strands short, and make 2 more knots with the four strands.

    4. Glue the eyes on using Pritt Stick/PVA.

    Your snake is complete!

    Scoubidou Snake

    Instructions by Lysette Cole, Age 16

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