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Scoubidou Spider

You Will Need:

  • 3 black strands (or any other colour)
  • 4 pieces of wire about 15cm
  • 2 wobbly eyes

  • 1. Take one of the black strands (or your chosen colour other than black), cut about 4 pieces of about 15cm. Push wire through the strands, this will be the legs. Now you begin without a loop � just knot the strands together. Knot 4 round knots.

    2. Add 1 strand with wire between the next knot to secure it. Now make another 4 knots and add again a strand with wire.

    3. Do this twice again and knot after the last leg 3 more round knots.

    4. Now knot back around the knotted part using the bottle technique. This you do carefully through the wires. Watch that you knot all the way through till the last knot will be a knot that is not around the knotted part, so that a square appears again. Cut the strands short.

    5. Bend the legs around your finger until they are even. At the end of the legs, bend the ends. Now glue the eyes in place.

    Your spider is complete!

    Scoubidou Spider

    Instructions by Lysette Cole, Age 16

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