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Scoubidou Tornado Stitch

The Scoubidou Tornado Stitch is also a much more advanced project and we highly recommend you know the Scoubidou Circle Stitch before starting and that you are familiar with the Twist Stitch as well.

You will need:
  • Four strands of Scoubidou all the same length.
  • Tip: Use different colour scooby strands!

  • To begin the tornado Stitch you need to have a starter Quad Stitch ready.
  • scoubidou tornado stitch 1 scooby tornado stitch 2 scoubi doo tornado stitch 3
    1. Hold the starter Quad Stitch in your hand. Click Here if you are unsure about the Quad Stitch. 2. Now pick up the scooby string closest to you on the left (orange) and loop it diagonally to the other side (diagonally like we did with the circle, twist and corkscrew)! 3. Then grab the other end of this orange scoubidou and flip it towards you so the loops sit next to each other.
    scoobies tornado stitch 4 scoubidoo tornado stitch 5 scoobidou tornado stitch 6
    4. Do the same with the purple scoubidou flipping the end closest to you first (I have turned the project around 180 degrees here as it was easier)! 5. Flip the other end of the purple scoobidou towards you to create your fourth loop. 6. Now pick up the scooby string closest to you on the left (orange, which is one of the middle strands) and take it over the loop closest to it, under the second, over the third and finally under the fourth.
    scoubidou tornado stitch 7 scooby tornado stitch 8 scoubi doo tornado stitch 9
    7. Then, grab one of the strands on the right and do the same action; over the first loop, under the second, over the third and under the fourth. 8. Now pick up the other left scooby strand (yellow) and repeat again; over, under, over, under. 9. And repeat once more with the other right scoubidou!

    scoubidou tornado stitch 10 scooby tornado stitch 11
    10. Grab the strands however you can and pull as tight as you can! I tend to pull the left and right ones together first then the top and bottom scoobies. 11. Once you have pulled all the strands tight, you should be left with a large square shape knot the same as the Quad Stitch.

  • You now need to do the Completion Stitch we used for the Quad Stitch.

  • scoubi doo tornado stitch 12 scoubidou tornado stitch 13
    12. Once you have done the completion stitch, pull the strands tight so the knot is secure. 13. Carefully snip off the ends using a pair of scissors.
    scoubidou tornado stitch 14
    14. This is how the Tornado Stitch should look when properly completed!

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