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What is Scoubidou?

Scoubidous have been a craze in certain countries since 2004, especially in The Netherlands, France and America. And now England.

Scoubidous, also known as Scooby Strings are round, hollow plastic tubes that come in a range of lengths and colours. An example of some Scoubidou projects are shown below!

The tubes can be used to make various projects using knots, from very basic items to much more complex, advanced pieces.

It is possible to make key rings, friendship bracelets, zipper pulls, necklaces and even small animals. There are plenty of stitches to learn, ranging from the very basic Square Stitch to the mother of all stitches; the Tornado Stitch. Instructions and knotting techniques are only meant as a starting point though because the real fun comes from experimenting with different colours and stitches to create original designs that noone else will have!

  • Below are a few examples of what you can achieve using Scoubidous:

    Scoubidou Twist Stitch        Scoubidou Corkscrew Stitch        Scoubidou Quad Stitch

    Scoubidou Alphabet Keyring        Scoubidou Mouse        Scoubidou Heart
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